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Save Money by Knowing Your Credit Score


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It’s that time of year where you are considering giving your credit cards a real beating. Now would be a good moment to review your credit score and focus on limiting the damage you are going to inflict during this holiday season.

FICO- The fair Isaac Corporation is the most widely known credit score system.

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Saving for College: 529 or Coverdell

Sally Says..
Sally Says…

Ahh, College , the best 6 years of my life.

“Mr. Blutarsky Zero.Point. Zero”

College, Academia, Halls of Ivy………Lets look at the 2 main tax preferential vehicles for saving in order to send our young pups off to college to work on their Instagram & Selfie skills

529 College Saving Plan & The Coverdell Education Savings Account


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Robo-Advisors: Cheap Diversification


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Robo-advisors have been rapidly growing in popularity over the past few years, so much so that the big dogs; Fidelity, Ameritrade, and Schwab have jumped into the fray.

What the heck are they?

They are automated online investment accounts where you, the investor, answers a few questions to determine your risk allocation, choose a portfolio, and your money is invested and diversified for you. The beauty is they are extremely low-cost, inexpensive to get in to and well diversified.

Sounds good, huh?

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Emergency Account: Building Block to Financial Wellness

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Although not a sexy topic,  an Emergency Fund, nonetheless  is a vital piece of the foundation for financial wellness.

Having one in place, knowing that you can cover those nasty suprises life likes to throw our way, is the goal.

It takes some forethought to get a “grade A” Emergency Strategy.

Let’s start with the basics:

Like trying to accumulate $1,000 in a savings account (earning at least 0.75%)

Check for a list of savings rates available.

At just $83+ a month for 1 year, you can accumulate that $1,000. That should be your bare minimum starting goal. ( You should be rewarded with some belly rubs upon completion )

Saving- Money

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Reduce Your Taxable Income (Part B)

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It’s October, just a few months from the end of the year and typically not a bad time to think about reviewing your portfolio.


The Dow Jones is near a record all time high,so you probably have a lot of winners in the old portfolio!

“Winning” as Charlie Sheehan would say.

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